Kansas City’s 1st & Only

Burger & Sandwich™

Korean American Fast Food Truck

Currently operating through Pop-ups & Pre-orders
Food Truck Coming Soon! (Anticipated: May 2023)

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⚠️Warning: Highly addictive. Cheesy, saucy, gooey & juicy 1/4 lb smash burger 🍔 Experience our best selling, signature GOCHEW Burger Sauce and high five the angels on earth 👼 With specially hand pickled onions added for a tangy crunch! Comes with Signature Messy Fries.

$ 12.99


Spicy, savory, but most of all, SWEEEET pork loaded in a subway bun. Comes with Signature Messy Fries.

🌶️ Level 10 Heckin’ Spicy Sauce available upon request. Not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution!

$ 12.99


Heavily drizzled with 3 signature GOCHEW sauces, topped with green onions & a lot of love 💖

+ Add-on will be available in the future
Extra Twist of Korean upon request for $1.99
(Probiotic Kimchi + cheese Topping)


LEVEL 1 Korean American Fast Food

GOCHEW Burger $12.99
Slow Burn Chicken Sandwich $12.99
Signature Messy Fries $3.99
Level 1 Korean American Fast Food Combo 💖 $24.99
(Only at selected events)

Fun & Exciting LEVEL 2 MENU, drinks & desserts COMING SOON!

NOW accepting YOUR IDEAS🌟

Our taste engineers can bring YOUR IDEAS to life! Once your food idea is accepted, we will collaborate to refine it and present to our fans- then we will use YOUR NAME to present our menu in honor of your contribution🥇 To enter, DM/text us your thoughts.

Sneak Peek 👀 LEVEL 2 MENU

Kimchi-meets-egg Burger, Bulgogi Fries, Honey Potato Chips, Soy-garlic Chicken French Dip, Bulgogi Taco, K-Chicken Fingers, Bulgogi Sloppy Joe’s, Soggy Mandoos, TJ Burger, Kimchi-Tofu Fries, Chop-Sal Churros (Similar to Mochi Donut), Banana Ooyoo, Melon Ooyoo, and more!


What we do

Currently operating only through pre-ordered pick-up & delivery within 30 miles of Independence, MO.
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What we did

To make it easier for fellow Kansas Citians to try mouth watering flavors of Korea – we carefully curated America’s favorite, mindblowingly sweet & savory, level 1 Korean spices and united them into all-time-favorite. Burger & sandwich.

What we want

We want to lower the barrier, so there’s no fear of trying new food. We are making your favorite food just how you like it, but better ✨
We hope to build enough fans and acquire multiple food trucks to get closer to you 🚚

Our Mission

By providing something new & fun to fellow Missourians and Kansans, we want to bring you close to the world.

We hope to tell people – we all love good food here, we’re all the same people. Something new is not scary – something new is fun!

We are building a structure to bring surprise meals to our senior members & differently abled who have difficulty going out where the fun is (often limited to frozen TV dinners).

Kansas City’s 1st & Only [Korean American Fast Food]

Q. My new favorite burger is Korean..?
A. Believe it or not, all the food we serve is 100% Korean American! We carefully curated America’s favorite Korean flavors to create signature sauces to enhance fast food. All of our GOCHEW sauces have Korean twist to it. We wanted to pleasantly surprise you with mind-blowingly savory Korean flavors!

Welcome to GOCHEW Burger & Sandwich [Korean American Fast Food] ™


FROM OUR beta tasters

I am a skittish American with limited palate – and I love GOCHEW Burger. It is really good.


I have a very Midwest American palette. Simple pears, celery, carrots, peanut butter & crackers, or oatmeal cookies would keep me happy.
GOCHEW Burger was FIRE. Burger, Cheesy Sauce, and onion. Totally unique, but not overly powering. My taste buds knew what to expect with every bite and it was anticipated.


Slow Burn Chicken Sandwich is my favorite! I can’t handle spicy that well, but the spice level was perfect for me. What an experience!


I love GOCHEW’s Signature Messy Fries! The fries soak up the wonderful sauces and it creates a festival in my mouth. GOCHEW’s sauce with a little kick blends perfectly well together. The mouthwatering Signature Messy Fries will leave you wanting more!


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GOCHEW Burger & Sandwich




GOCHEW Burger & Sandwich


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Proudly operating in a fully inspected, shared kitchen at Ennovation Center 💜
201 N Forest Ave, Independence, MO, 64050